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Sound Devices Releases 664 Firmware 1.4

March 4th, 2013

Sound Devices has always been a company known for its support and quick reaction to firmware issues. With the release of the 664 things are no different. This most recent firmware adds metering options and adds more SD cards to approved this I am confident with the release of 1.5 all SD card issues will be resolved below is what Sound Devices has to say about the firmware release:

Changes introduced in 1.04 include:


  • Digital Input Gain. Provides up to 50dB gain for AES42 or AES3 sources.
  • Peak Only Meter option.
  • Meter Peak Hold Time Off option.


  • Metering freeze. Meters would stop moving and eventually result in a subsequent lockup.
  • Faster formatting on SD cards.
  • Improved performance for SD cards up to 32 GB in size. (Note: improved performance for cards 64 GB and larger will be addressed in a future firmware release).
  • Lockup fix when rapidly connecting and disconnecting USB keyboards.
  • Lockup fix on boot up with 44.1kHz sampling rate and Tracks L and R not armed.
  • Lock up fix that occurring with tone and 44.1K sampling rates.
  • AES signals measuring 3-4 dB high on L, R, X1, and X2 tracks.

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